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Simplified Quote to Consumption

Continuous helps businesses launch, track, and bill for consumption pricing models as an extension of your current sales and finance user experience. Easily incorporate Continuous into your technology stack with clicks, not code, empowering your Sales and Finance teams with comprehensive insights into prepaid balances and real-time consumption. Accelerate revenue growth with minimal operational challenges, eliminate data silos, and establish an efficient end-to-end process with Continuous.


What Customers Are Saying:

With Continuous, we can turn our focus to our customers and grow our business while spending less time integrating disparate systems. It’s a win win.

Dave Bataille

VP, Financial Operations, Avalara

Continuous just makes sense. They bring a wealth of experience, deep domain expertise, and they put customer service at the heart of everything they do.

Kofi Frimpong

VP, Enterprise Solutions, Medallia

Continuous is clearly an expert in consumption monetization. After choosing to go with Continuous, Dwolla was up and running in less than 5 weeks – including Thanksgiving week!

Joe Fara

Director, Technical Operations, Dwolla

Continuous Delivers Seamless Consumption Pricing and Rating

Continuous streamlines your operations by removing the necessity for costly and time-consuming customizations and rigid integrations with sales and finance applications. By capturing billing details directly within your preferred sales tool, Continuous simplifies downstream invoicing and financial processes within your ERP system. This seamless integration ensures efficiency and flexibility throughout your revenue management workflow.

Launch Consumption Pricing Quickly

Offer tailored consumption pricing models to grow any business line, from self-managed prepaid credits to enterprise recurring usage commitments. Begin selling new offerings within weeks, not months, and reduce the time spent on integration, implementation, and maintenance of standalone billing applications. With Continuous, accelerate time-to-market for your products and services and ensure flexibility in introducing new models quickly.

Enhance CRM and ERP Capabilities

Keep all your sales data, configurations, rules, and interactions within Salesforce, and seamlessly integrate Continuous as an extension to your invoice presentation application, ensuring that ERP remains your financial system of record. With Continuous, you maintain data integrity and consistency across your business processes while optimizing your current sales and financial applications, eliminating the need for standalone billing solutions.

Increase Cash Flows With Prepayments

Continuous empowers companies to accelerate cash flows through the implementation of prepaid credit models. With Continuous, businesses can swiftly deploy credit burndown tracking, enabling efficient sales and utilization of credits and credit pools. Continuous provides detailed visibility to both sales and finance teams, facilitating financial reporting and proactive upsell opportunities.

Process Usage Data at Enterprise Scale

Continuous manages high-volume, high-complexity usage data at enterprise scale. Our highly performant usage processing platform can handle billions of data points, facilitating efficient mediation, calculation, and rating. This enables near real-time updates of credit balances and consolidation of billing lines to be seamlessly sent to your invoicing solution.


Offer simple flat-rate usage consumption pricing to complex rules-based usage consumption pricing or any combination in between – our flexible system can handle it. Avoid complex billing systems migrations – Continuous works with your existing systems.

Clicks not code


Continuous works natively with the Salesforce platform and has tailored flows to work with Revenue Cloud products, including CPQ, Billing, B2B Commerce, and Subscription Management. We support a wide variety of usage pricing use cases out of the box, without needing to do custom scripting or coding.


Want to support a use case beyond what the Continuous add-on offers? Not a problem – use our APIs directly to build a fully custom solution. Our API-first, headless architecture provides you the flexibility needed to meet ever-changing customer expectations.

API first


We track every interaction with the Continuous system and can expose a fine-grained audit trail for you for every object in the system.


Built from the ground up using the latest technologies, to ensure we can support any volume of data your business generates. Process millions of usage events with blazing speed, even with complex policies and pricing rules. Need to re-rate a big chunk of data? No more waiting for hours!

Continuous has years of industry domain knowledge and understands how to design, build and scale CPQ and Billing companies. The team has proven ability to deliver customer success and has my full vote of confidence.

Max Rudman

SAAS Entrepreneur, CEO, Prodly. Founder of Steelbrick CPQ (now Salesforce CPQ)

Continuous has assembled an impressive team with a deep understanding of the end-to-end revenue lifecycle. Continuous has done an amazing job unlocking new usage-based pricing innovation for Salesforce Revenue Cloud, Salesforce CPQ and Subscription Management enterprises.

Jagan Reddy

Founder & CEO, RightRev. Co-founder & CEO of Leeyo (acquired by Zuora)

So excited to see the Continuous team envision and execute a way to make usage consumption and credit balance management a true Salesforce clicks over code solution.   As an SI we’re always striving for ways to be better client partners and introducing this tool is a game-changing reduction in tech debt, allowing us to meet requirements without a massive custom code base. The fact that they’ve gone the extra mile to fully integrate the solution into Revenue Cloud is just icing on the cake and shows their commitment to servicing all aspects of the Salesforce ecosystem.

Joe Jagassar

Managing Partner, Original Shift

The Continuous team brings years of highly specialized CPQ and Billing experience. Working with Continuous has helped us deliver customer value and we are excited to have several joint success stories.


Brent LaBier

Executive Vice President, Navint Partners

Every organization is looking at subscription and consumption pricing today to drive predictable revenue streams and unlock new opportunities. But putting this into play is often painful. Continuous Technologies allows organizations to quickly enable any pricing model with ease. And for someone who owns pricing strategy on a day-to-day basis—this approach is exactly what I am looking for.

Courtney Burry

Senior Vice President of Product & Corporate Marketing, Collibra Inc.

Innovative products, services and business models have been the hallmark of the shift to SaaS, but limitations to metered consumption and billing have been holding back the entrepreneurs and business builders from implementing their most creative ideas. No longer. The Continuous toolset supports a wide range of consumption pricing – from simple flat-rate to sophisticated rules-based models – meeting the needs of the most demanding SaaS innovators.

Timothy Morey

Global Managing Director, Capgemini

Continuous provides thought leadership in the most complicated corners of CPQ and Billing. Whenever we have design concepts that could benefit from an additional perspective that is based on a detailed understanding of Revenue Cloud functionality and Subscription and Consumption management practices, we look to the team members at Continuous.

Jennifer Larco

Application Solution Consultant, Ultimate Kronos Group

Ready to Work with you Now

Approved and available on the Salesforce AppExchange

Flexible & Scalable

Modern, scalable, microservices-based usage consumption rating engine.  Headless, API-first and cloud native.


Deep Experience

Deep experience with usage consumption and advanced subscription based business models.


Easy Implementation

Complements your existing Salesforce CPQ and Billing systems. AppExchange package for simple implementation.