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Quote to Consumption

Use Cases

Continuous supports a wide array of usage consumption pricing use cases out of the box – from simple flat-rate usage consumption pricing to complex rules-based usage consumption pricing, or any combination in between.

One-time or recurring prepayments and deposits

Accept deposits or purchases of prepaid credits from customers. These credits can be burned down and tracked across multiple products.

Drive user engagement with virtual currencies

Manage loyalty or affinity programs, and add gamification if necessary by offering virtual currency rewards for actions you want to incentivize. 

Reduce revenue leakage with minimum commitments

Have you ever offered a discount with the promise of a commitment, but could not track it? Don’t lose the revenue – track the committed usage, so you can up-sell or true up the charges on actual usage.

Empower your end users

Enable customer self-service with the ability to purchase credits, update auto-reload thresholds, view credit activity, and pay invoices with credits – all on Salesforce Communities.

Offer a modern freemium model

Offer promotional credits with an expiry date – this enables easy trials by prospects while avoiding asking for a credit card upfront. Auto expire promotional credits for a smooth transition to a purchase.

Embrace enterprise selling into corporate hierarchies

Contract pricing shared across multiple subsidiaries across multiple countries? Sell to any corporate hierarchy with our credit pooling system.

Dedicated credit pools

Define specific products that can consume and use the credit pool – great for launching service credits that apply to a subset of your product catalog.

Automate ongoing credit reloads

Allow customers to auto-reload credits on reaching a minimum balance. Incentivize reloading larger amounts by offering progressively higher discounts on larger amounts.

Revenue blocks

Handle revenue block entitlements with  dynamic expiration dates.

Extend and expire credits with powerful rules

Expire credits based on your defined times or choose to extend the expiration when the credits are used or additional credits are purchased based on a powerful ruleset.

Process recurring credit payments

Apply payments automatically to outstanding invoices ensuring the credit balance is consumed before processing additional payment requests.

Track monetary ratio and currency FX

Track the ratio that is cash vs. expense for credits purchases and consumption making financial reporting a breeze even across currencies.