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Dwolla Offers Sophisticated Consumption Based Pricing

Dwolla, a leading payment services provider, offers businesses secure and scalable payment solutions with a specialized focus on bank transfers through ACH and RTP networks. By harnessing the power of their simplified payment API integration, businesses can optimize and streamline financial operations, enhancing transaction processing efficiency. This, in turn, leads to significant cost savings when compared to conventional payment methods, such as paper checks and credit cards.

Dwolla initially offered tiered subscription pricing. As their client base and product offerings grew, they realized it was challenging and costly to track usage details associated with their pricing for their various products and features. For instance, producing a monthly usage report required three full-time employees manually combining spreadsheets. Additionally, getting their clients to add on new features that they would grow into also posed to be difficult at times. 

As Dwolla expanded and evolved, they decided to shift to consumption-based pricing. This change aligned with their business objectives and benefited their customers. Their new consumption-based pricing aimed to incentivize clients and partners to increase their product usage and support scalable financial operations at Dwolla. Dwolla’s President and COO, Dave Glaser, explained that “As our product offering and features expanded, we saw an opportunity to price it in a way that promotes usage, adoption, and internal efficiency.”

Dwolla began implementing quote-to-cash with Salesforce CPQ and Salesforce Billing to update their monetization systems and processes. While Salesforce solved most use cases, it lacked the capability to aggregate usage data across Dwolla’s multiple product lines, and without that data, Dwolla could not calculate the usage based price for the customer. One option wass to develop custom code to workaround this issue, but the implementation consultant wasn’t sure if this was feasible, and even if it was, it would require costly maintenance over time. “Not being able to rate based on pooled usage became a showstopper for our implementation,” said Joe Fara, Director of Technical Operations at Dwolla. “We had to pause and really solve this use case.” 

This is when Dwolla turned to Salesforce partner Continuous Technologies. Continuous is built from the ground up to complement Salesforce’s Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Revenue Cloud and works hand in glove with Salesforce CPQ, billing and subscription management. It works natively with the Salesforce platform and supports a variety of usage pricing use cases out of the box, without the need for custom scripting. 

“Fortunately we met Continuous who was clearly an expert in consumption monetization,” said Joe. “After choosing to go with Continuous, Dwolla was up and running in less than 5 weeks – including Thanksgiving week!” The implementation required no custom code, but was achieved entirely by configuring Continuous to meet Dwolla’s needs.  

Since their rapid implementation of Continuous, Dwolla has been able to automate all of the consumption collection and rating, eliminating the need for spreadsheets. Dwolla customers can get a daily view of their usage instead of monthly, and the Dwolla team has a clearer view of their product adoption, and which of their customers are power users. And while Dwolla has not changed their entire pricing model to consumption, they are able to support each new customer with the pricing model that best fits the customer’s needs. 

“Continuous enabled us to bring our pricing strategy to life within our existing Salesforce toolset,” said Parvathy Gopakumar, Senior Salesforce Administrator at Dwolla. “Above and beyond a successful and time efficient technical implementation by the Continuous team; bringing a lot of business acumen and industry best practices.”


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